MATLAB and Simulink Student Design Challenge Winners

MathWorks announces the winners of the 2013 MATLAB and Simulink Student Design Challenge. Congratulations and thanks to all the students who entered.

First Place

Magnetic manipulator Magman and MATLAB

Jiri Zemanek - Czech Technical University

This video shows how to model a challenging magnetic manipulation system and control it in real time using Simulink and Real-Time Windows Target. The project also shows a cool way to interface MATLAB and Simulink with a tablet through UDP communication. Watch the video for an awesome demo!

Second Place

Simulating Human-Piloted Helicopters with Suspended Loads

James Potter - Georgia Institute of Technology

This video illustrates how complex nonlinear dynamics, such as a helicopter with suspended payload, can be modeled in MATLAB and Simulink using System Identification Toolbox. Another objective of this project is to simulate manual control by humans of such helicopter systems. Check out the video to see how the project captures and models human behavior!

Third Place

Active Upper Limb Exoskeleton controlled by sEMG

Joao Luiz Almeida de Souza Ramos Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

This video demonstrates a prototypical upper limb exoskeleton controlled by human EMG signals and modeled in MATLAB and Simulink. The project uses the Global Optimization Toolbox to estimate the force exerted by the human muscle using mathematical models. See the video to understand how this was accomplished!

Challenge Guidelines

  • You must a currently be enrolled student at a degree-granting institution.

  • MathWorks employees are not eligible.

  • All entries will be judged by MathWorks application support engineers on a 100-point scale using these criteria:

    • Appropriateness of entry to contest theme (30-point maximum)
    • Creativity and originality of the video (40-point maximum)
    • Depth of knowledge demonstrated in the challenge solution (30-point maximum)
  • If two or more videos receive the same winning score, the corresponding submitters will receive the same prize.

  • Winners will be notified by telephone or email.

  • The top three winners will be announced on this page and on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Decisions by the judges are final

  • YouTube video length should be 3 to 5 minutes

  • Teams can enter, but each team should designate only one representative per entry who receives the prize should that team win.