Mechanical Simulation delivers the VehicleSim software suite, which includes the CarSim and TruckSim products, which accurately simulate the dynamic behavior of cars and light and heavy trucks. Over 50 OEMs and their many suppliers use the software to develop new vehicles, chassis systems, and ADAS control strategies. The product suite contains example vehicles, test roads, and procedures so customers can begin working with relative ease. This software powers 250 engineering simulators primarily targeted at ADAS and self-driving development, along with many more driver-training simulators around the globe.

dSPACE is the world’s leading provider of hardware and software tools for developing and testing sophisticated electronic control systems. For over 25 years, dSPACE’s high-quality, off-the-shelf software and hardware tools have empowered engineers to design and innovate, while dramatically reducing development times and cost.

ETAS supplies tools and solutions for the development of embedded controls with a focus on increasing process efficiency and quality. ETAS’ open, standards-based products are used extensively by automotive and heavy-duty diesel manufacturers and adjacent segments of the embedded industry and can be easily integrated into existing processes and with third-party products.

Gamma Technologies develops GT-SUITE, the leading multiphysics CAE system simulation software. GT-SUITE provides a comprehensive set of physical libraries, containing both fundamental and higher-level components. Build practically any vehicle plant system model, such as engine, transmission, electric, cooling, and aftertreatment, with varying complexity and seamless integration with MATLAB® and Simulink®.

PolySync Technologies’ singular vision is to simplify and accelerate the development of self-driving cars. Founded in 2013, the company has developed a software platform that enables automakers and autonomous vehicle startups to seamlessly build, test, and deploy safe driverless vehicle applications with minimal time and resource waste.

SimuQuest is the leading provider of a new class of tools that seamlessly integrate with Simulink to enable agile model-based development. These intelligent, easy-to-use tools enable real-time validation, easy collaboration, custom rule checking, error-free integration, and more. What does this mean? Embrace change with confidence. Rapid iterative development. A competitive advantage.

Real-time target machines from Speedgoat are expressly designed to work with Simulink Real-Time™, connect with your physical hardware under test, run real-time applications created from Simulink® using automatic C and HDL code generation, verify and validate your designs, and continuously try new ideas.

TASS International supports the global automotive industry in the creation of safer and smarter vehicles, offering a set of advanced simulation software tools, tailor-made engineering solutions, and state-of-the-art testing and certification facilities and services, with the aim to improve the integrated safety systems of vehicles and boost the development of highly automated and connected driving.

Vector is the leading manufacturer of software tools, embedded software components, and services to automotive OEMs and their suppliers, as well as various other industries (aerospace, heavy vehicles, construction, and agricultural vehicles). Vector tools equip engineers with the finest capabilities for design, diagnostics, calibration, and testing of distributed networking systems.