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Control Compilation of parfor-Loops

By default, MATLAB® Coder™ generates code that can run the parfor-loop on multiple threads. To treat the parfor-loops as for-loops that run on a single thread, disable parfor with one of these methods:

  • By using the codegen function with -O disable:openmp option at the command line.

  • By using a code generation configuration object with the property EnableOpenMP set to false. For example:

    cfg = coder.config('lib'); 
    cfg.EnableOpenMP = false; 
    codegen myFunction -config cfg

  • By setting Enable OpenMP library if possible to No under All Settings tab in the project settings dialog box.

When to Disable parfor

Disable parfor if you want to:

  • Compare the execution times of the serial and parallel versions of the generated code.

  • Investigate failures. If the parallel version of the generated code fails, disable parfor and generate a serial version to facilitate debugging.

  • Use C compilers that do not support OpenMP.

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