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PHY Components

Physical layer options, parameterization, and waveform generation and analysis

The Communications Toolbox™ Library for the Bluetooth® Protocol functions and configuration objects model Bluetooth physical layer (PHY) processing. Use these functions to generate, analyze, and decode Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and Bluetooth basic rate/enhanced data rate (BR/EDR) waveforms that are compliant with the Bluetooth Core Specification. These features enable you to design and characterize PHY processing blocks in Bluetooth communication links. You can use this functionality as a reference in verification, performance analysis, conformance testing, and radio frequency (RF)-PHY testing. Additionally, the library includes BLE direction-finding functionality to estimate angle of arrival (AoA) and angle of departure (AoD).


bleWaveformGeneratorWaveform generator for BLE PHY
bleIdealReceiverIdeal receiver for BLE PHY waveform
bluetoothWaveformGeneratorWaveform generator for Bluetooth BR/EDR PHY
bluetoothIdealReceiverIdeal receiver for Bluetooth BR/EDR PHY waveform
bleAngleEstimateEstimate AoA or AoD of BLE Signal


bluetoothWaveformConfigConfiguration object for Bluetooth BR/EDR waveform generator
bluetoothPhyConfigConfiguration object for Bluetooth BR/EDR PHY
bleAngleEstimateConfigConfiguration object for BLE angle estimation


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