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Create DDS Applications in Simulink

DDS Blockset enables an easy way to configure applications modeled in Simulink® to use DDS.


This tutorial requires the following products:


  • Simulink

Additionally, to build and deploy a DDS application, you must have Embedded Coder® (requires Simulink Coder™ and MATLAB Coder).

Example Model

This tutorial uses the Shapes Demo example model, shapesdemo.

Image of Subscribe, Compute, and Publish in the Shapes Demo example model.

DDS Workflow

The general workflow to create a DDS application is the following:

  1. Create DDS definitions.

  2. View and edit DDS definitions.

  3. Construct the Simulink model as a DDS Publisher or Subscriber.

  4. Configure the DDS interface.

  5. Build and deploy the application to the DDS network.

To start the tutorial, see Create DDS Definitions.