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DDS Blockset System Requirements

To create and model DDS applications, DDS Blockset requires:


  • Simulink®

To build and deploy DDS applications, DDS Blockset requires Embedded Coder® (requires Simulink Coder™ and MATLAB Coder).

Supported Platforms for DDS Blockset

You can run DDS Blockset on the following platforms:


  • Windows® — Windows 10 recommended.

  • Linux® — Ubuntu® 18.04 recommended.

  • Mac OS X

Supported Compilers to Build and Deploy DDS applications

You can build and deploy DDS applications by using a C++ compiler specific to your platform and additional vendor setup:

C++ Compilers

Additional Vendor Setup


DDS Blockset supports DDS out-of-the-box for the RTI products RTI Connext and RTI Connext Micro. You can generate code without additional setup for RTI, but to build and compile an executable, you must have RTI Connext 6.1.0+ or RTI Connext Micro 2.0.0+ installed.

To get started by using RTI within MATLAB, you can use the provided file exchange version of RTI Connext compatible with your version of DDS Blockset. To download and install, see RTI Connext® DDS connectivity framework for DDS Blockset - File Exchange.

For product information, see RTI Connext and RTI Connext Micro.


DDS Blockset supports DDS out-of-the-box with the eProsima product Fast DDS version 2.6.0+. No additional setup is required. For product information, see Fast DDS.

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