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target.XCPExternalModeConnectivity class

Package: target

Represent connectivity options in external mode protocol stack


Use the target.XCPExternalModeConnectivity class, which is derived from target.ExternalModeConnectivity, to represent XCP connectivity options in the external mode protocol stack.

To create a target.XCPExternalModeConnectivity object, use the target.create function.


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Specify XCP protocol stack for target hardware.


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This code snippet from Customise Connectivity for XCP External Mode Simulations shows how to specify the external mode protocol stack for your target hardware.

extModeTCPConnectivity = ... 
             target.create('XCPExternalModeConnectivity', ...                
             'Name', 'External Mode TCP Connectivity', ...
             'XCP', xcpTCPIPConfiguration);

externalMode = target.create('ExternalMode', ...
                'Name', 'External Mode', ...
                'Connectivities', extModeTCPConnectivity);

board.CommunicationProtocolStacks = externalMode;
Introduced in R2021a