Object-Oriented Programming

Objects and properties


fiConstruct fixed-point numeric object
fiprefSet fixed-point preferences
savefiprefSave fi preferences for next MATLAB session
fimathSet fixed-point math settings
numerictypeConstruct an embedded.numerictype object describing fixed-point or floating-point data type
quantizerConstruct quantizer object
assignmentquantizerAssignment quantizer object of fi object
mat2strConvert matrix to string
getProperty values of object
subsasgnSubscripted assignment
subsrefSubscripted reference
removefimathRemove fimath object from fi object
resetReset objects to initial conditions
setSet or display property values for quantizer objects
setfimathAttach fimath object to fi object
sfiConstruct signed fixed-point numeric object
tostringConvert numerictype or quantizer object to string
ufiConstruct unsigned fixed-point numeric object
unitquantizerConstructor for unitquantizer object
fixed.aggregateTypeCompute aggregate numerictype