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Vertically concatenate multiple fi objects


c = vertcat(a,b,...)
[a; b; ...]


c = vertcat(a,b,...) is called for the syntax [a; b; ...] when any of a, b, ... , is a fi object.

[a;b] is the vertical concatenation of matrices a and b. a and b must have the same number of columns. Any number of matrices can be concatenated within one pair of brackets. N-D arrays are vertically concatenated along the first dimension. The remaining dimensions must match.

Horizontal and vertical concatenation can be combined, as in [1 2;3 4].

[a b; c] is allowed if the number of rows of a equals the number of rows of b, and if the number of columns of a plus the number of columns of b equals the number of columns of c.

The matrices in a concatenation expression can themselves be formed via a concatenation, as in [a b;[c d]].


The fimath and numerictype objects of a concatenated matrix of fi objects c are taken from the leftmost fi object in the list (a,b,...).

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Introduced before R2006a