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The Command-Line Interface for the Fixed-Point Tool

The methods of the DataTypeWorkflow.Converter class allow you to collect simulation and derived data, propose and apply data types to the model, and analyze results. The class performs the same fixed-point conversion tasks as the Fixed-Point Tool. The following table summarizes the steps in the workflow and lists the appropriate classes and methods to use at each step.

Step in WorkflowPrimary Objects and Object Functions for Step in Workflow
Set up model
Prepare the model for fixed-point conversion
Gather range information
Propose data types
Apply proposed data types
Verify new fixed-point settings and analyze results


You should not use the Fixed-Point Tool and the command-line interface in the same conversion session.

To decide which workflow is right for you, consult the following table:

CapabilityFixed-Point ToolCommand-Line Interface
Populate runs to datasetSupportedSupported
Delete result from datasetSupportedSupported
Edit proposed data typesSupportedNot supported
Selectively apply data type proposalsSupportedNot supported
Run multiple simulationsSupportedSupported
Script workflowNot supportedSupported

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