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Remove entry from IVI configuration store object


remove(obj, 'type', 'name')
remove(obj, struct)



IVI® configuration store object


Type of entry being removed; type can be DriverSession, HardwareAsset, or LogicalName


Name of the DriverSession, HardwareAsset, or LogicalName to be removed


Structure defining entries to be removed


remove(obj, 'type', 'name') removes an entry of type, type, with name, name, from the IVI configuration store object, obj. type can be HardwareAsset, DriverSession, or LogicalName. If an entry of type, type, with name, name, does not exist, an error will occur.

remove(obj, struct) removes an entry using the fields in struct. If an entry with the type and name field in struct does not exist, an error will occur.

The modified configuration store object, obj, can be saved to the configuration store data file with the commit function.

If you attempt to remove an entry that is actively referenced by another entry, an error will occur. For example, you cannot remove a hardware asset that is currently referenced by a driver session.


c = iviconfigurationstore;
remove(c, 'HardwareAsset', 'gpib1');

Version History

Introduced before R2006a