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Calculate Intersections of Small Circles

This example shows how to calculate the intersection of vector data, in particular, two small circles. The scxsc function returns the intersecting points on the circles.

Calculate the intersection of two small circles. One circle is centered at (0,0) degrees with a radius of 1250 nautical miles. The other circle is centered at 5 degrees north and 30 degrees east with a radius of 2500 kilometers. The function returns the latitude and longitude of the two points of intersection. (Circles typically intersect at two points.) To see an illustration of this calculation, see Vector Intersections.

[lat,lon] = scxsc(0,0,nm2deg(1250),5,30,km2deg(2500))
lat = 1×2

  -12.9839   17.7487

lon = 1×2

   16.4170   11.0624