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matlab.mock.PropertyGetBehavior Class

Namespace: matlab.mock

Specify mock property get behavior


Use the PropertyGetBehavior class to specify mock object get behavior. There are several ways to specify get behavior.

  • Pass a mock object action, such as matlab.mock.actions.AssignOutputs, to the when method.

  • Pass a PropertyGetBehavior object to a method of the matlab.mock.TestCase class, such as assignOutputsWhen.

To qualify mock property interactions, see matlab.mock.PropertyBehavior.


The mocking framework creates a PropertyGetBehavior instance when you call the get method. Typically, you construct the PropertyGetBehavior implicitly. For example, testCase.assignOutputsWhen(get(behavior.MyProperty),'abc').


whenSpecify mock object property access action

Copy Semantics

Value. To learn how value classes affect copy operations, see Copying Objects.

Version History

Introduced in R2017a