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Multibody Interfaces

Rotational and translational interface blocks for connection to Simscape™ Multibody™ joints

Use these blocks to connect Simscape blocks that have mechanical rotational or translational ports with Simscape Multibody joints.

Simscape Blocks

Rotational Multibody InterfaceInterface between mechanical rotational networks and Simscape Multibody joints
Translational Multibody InterfaceInterface between mechanical translational networks and Simscape Multibody joints


Connecting Simscape Networks to Simscape Multibody Joints

Model 3-D mechanical systems that also include hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic, and other physical systems represented by 1-D Simscape networks.

Modeling a Double-Acting Actuator

Model a double-acting actuator with where the mechanical system of the cylinder is modeled in Simscape Multibody and the hydraulic system is modeled in Simscape.