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Electric Drives

AC drives, DC drives, shafts, speed reducers, batteries, fuel cells


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Bridge Firing Unit (AC)Implement six pulse firing unit with notch filters for three-phase thyristor bridge
Bridge Firing Unit (DC)Generate gate signals for single- or three-phase thyristor bridge
Current Controller (Brushless DC)Implement current/torque controller model for brushless DC machine
Current Controller (DC)Implement PI current controller model for DC machine
Direct Torque ControllerImplement direct torque and flux controller (DTFC or DTC) model
Field-Oriented ControllerImplement a field-oriented controller model based on indirect or feedforward vector control strategy
Regulation SwitchImplement torque controller, and switch that selects between torque or speed regulation, for DC motor drives
Six-Step GeneratorImplement pulse generator for six-step VSI AC motor drive
Space Vector ModulatorImplement space vector modulator for PWM VSI AC motor drive
Speed Controller (AC)Implement speed controller model for vector controlled AC motor drives
Speed Controller (DC)Implement a speed controller model for DC motor drives
Speed Controller (Scalar Control)Implement speed-controller model for scalar controlled AC drives
Vector Controller (PMSM)Implement vector controller model for permanent magnet synchronous machines (PMSM)
Vector Controller (SPIM)Implement vector controller model for single-phase induction motor (SPIM)
Vector Controller (WFSM)Implement vector controller model for a wound-field synchronous machine (WFSM)
Voltage Controller (DC Bus)Implement DC bus voltage controller for thyristor bridge rectifier
ChopperImplement DC chopper model for DC motor drives
Circulating Current InductorsImplement circulating current inductors for four-quadrant thyristor bridge converter
Inverter (Five-Phase)Implements five-phase inverter model for five-phase PM Synchronous motor drive
Inverter (Three-Phase)Implements a three-phase inverter model for AC Motor Drives
Thyristor ConverterImplements single or three-phase thyristor converter for DC motor drives
Active RectifierImplement three-phase active (PWM) rectifier model for AC motor drives
DC BusImplement DC bus model that includes resistive braking chopper
Brushless DC Motor DriveImplement brushless DC motor drive using Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) with trapezoidal back electromotive force (BEMF)
DTC Induction Motor DriveImplement direct torque and flux control (DTC) induction motor drive model
Field-Oriented Control Induction Motor DriveImplement field-oriented control (FOC) induction motor drive model
Five-Phase PM Synchronous Motor DriveImplement five-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control drive
PM Synchronous Motor DriveImplement Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) vector control drive
Self-Controlled Synchronous Motor DriveImplement Self-Controlled Synchronous Motor Drive
Single-Phase Induction Motor Drive Implement single-phase induction motor drive
Six-Step VSI Induction Motor DriveImplement six-step inverter fed Induction Motor Drive
Space Vector PWM VSI Induction Motor DriveImplement space vector PWM VSI induction motor drive
Four-Quadrant Chopper DC DriveImplement four-quadrant chopper DC drive
Four-Quadrant Single-Phase Rectifier DC DriveImplement single-phase dual-converter DC drive with circulating current
Four-Quadrant Three-Phase Rectifier DC DriveImplement three-phase dual-converter DC drive with circulating current
One-Quadrant Chopper DC DriveImplement one-quadrant chopper (buck converter topology) DC drive
Two-Quadrant Chopper DC DriveImplement two-quadrant chopper (buck-boost converter topology) DC drive
Two-Quadrant Single-Phase Rectifier DC DriveImplement two-quadrant single-phase rectifier DC drive
Two-Quadrant Three-Phase Rectifier DC DriveImplement two-quadrant three-phase rectifier DC drive
Mechanical ShaftImplement mechanical shaft
Speed ReducerImplement speed reducer
BatteryGeneric battery model
CCCV Battery ChargerConstant-current constant-voltage battery charger
Fuel Cell StackImplement generic hydrogen fuel cell stack model
SupercapacitorImplement generic supercapacitor model


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