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Delta Reference (Three-Phase)

Internal reference point for delta-connected network

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  • Simscape / Electrical / Connectors & References

  • Delta Reference (Three-Phase) block


In a Simscape™ Electrical™ model, connect a Delta Reference (Three-Phase) block to any part of the three-phase system that is connected in a delta winding configuration. The block provides a reference point for the delta winding, representing the center of the line-line vector voltage triangle. The software calculates absolute node voltages relative to the voltage at this reference point.

For example, suppose you model a transmission system that consists of a generator connected in a wye configuration, a wye-delta transformer, a delta-wye transformer, and a load connected in wye. Connect a Delta Reference (Three-Phase) block to the part of the circuit between the two transformers.



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Expandable composite (a,b, c) three-phase port

Extended Capabilities

C/C++ Code Generation
Generate C and C++ code using Simulink® Coder™.

Introduced in R2013b