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Release Notes

New Products and Major Updates

Aerospace Blockset

Model, simulate, and analyze aerospace vehicle dynamics

Aerospace Toolbox

Analyze and visualize aerospace vehicle motion using reference standards and models

Antenna Toolbox

Design, analyze, and visualize antenna elements and antenna arrays

Audio Toolbox

Design and analyze speech, acoustic, and audio processing systems

Computer Vision Toolbox

Design and test computer vision, 3D vision, and video processing systems

DDS Blockset

Design and simulate DDS applications

Datafeed Toolbox

Access financial data from data service providers

Mixed-Signal Blockset

Design, analyze, and simulate analog and mixed-signal systems

Navigation Toolbox

Design, simulate, and deploy algorithms for autonomous navigation

Polyspace Bug Finder Access

Identify coding defects and review static analysis results

Radar Toolbox

Design, simulate, and test multifunction radar systems

Reinforcement Learning Toolbox

Design and train policies using reinforcement learning

Satellite Communications Toolbox

Simulate, analyze, and test satellite communications systems and links

System Composer

Design and analyze system and software architectures

Vehicle Network Toolbox

Communicate with in-vehicle networks using CAN, J1939, and XCP protocols