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Rat-Race Coupler - Visualize and Analyze

This example shows you how to create, visualize, and analyze a Rat-Race Coupler.

Create a rat-race coupler with default properties.

ratrace = couplerRatrace
ratrace = 
  couplerRatrace with properties:

      PortLineLength: 0.0186
       PortLineWidth: 0.0050
    CouplerLineWidth: 0.0030
       Circumference: 0.1110
              Height: 0.0016
           Substrate: [1×1 dielectric]
           Conductor: [1×1 metal]

View the coupler.


Plot the charge distribution at 5 GHz.

charge(ratrace, 5e9)

Plot the current distribution at 5 GHz.

current(ratrace, 5e9)

Calculate and plot the s-parameters.

spar = sparameters(ratrace,linspace(1e9,5e9,20))
spar = 
  sparameters: S-parameters object

       NumPorts: 4
    Frequencies: [20×1 double]
     Parameters: [4×4×20 double]
      Impedance: 50

  rfparam(obj,i,j) returns S-parameter Sij


rfplot(spar,[2 3],1)

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