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Services and Actions

Send requests, perform tasks, and get feedback for services and actions

ROS services and actions enable users to perform tasks. Services use request-response communication to gather information and trigger callback functions in the ROS network. Actions can be used to trigger tasks or goals and receive feedback during operation of these tasks.


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rosactionRetrieve information about ROS actions
rosactionclientCreate ROS action client
cancelAllGoalsCancel all goals on action server
cancelGoalCancel last goal sent by client
sendGoalSend goal message to action server
sendGoalAndWaitSend goal message and wait for result
waitForServerWait for action server to start
callCall the ROS service server and receive a response
rosserviceRetrieve information about services in ROS network
rossvcclientConnect to ROS service server
rossvcserverCreate ROS service server


Call ServiceCall service in ROS network


Call and Provide ROS Services

ROS supports two main communication mechanisms: topics and services.

ROS Actions Overview

ROS action workflow and communication protocols

Move a Turtlebot Robot Using ROS Actions

This example shows how to use the /turtlebot_move action with a Turtlebot robot.