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Toolchain Configuration

Use model build process that generates optimized makefiles and supports custom toolchains

The Toolchain parameter specifies the collection of third-party software tools that builds the generated code. A toolchain can include a compiler, linker, archiver, and other prebuild or postbuild tools. The code generator can detect and validate a number of installed toolchains. You can also define and register custom toolchains.


Approaches for Building Code Generated from Simulink Models

Choose CMake, toolchain, or template makefile approach for building generated code.

Use makecfg to Customize Generated Makefiles for S-Functions

Configure makefile generation for the S-function build process.

Add Custom Toolchains to MATLAB® Coder™ Build Process

This example shows how to register and use a toolchain to compile an executable.

Custom Toolchain Registration

Register third-party software build tools for creating executables and libraries.

Troubleshooting Custom Toolchain Validation

Troubleshoot validation errors.