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Run Quality Checks on S-Functions

This example shows how to use S-Function analyzer APIs to check S-functions, in order to identify potential problems and improvements.

The S-Function analyzer MATLAB command line APIs consist of:

  • Simulink.sfunction.Analyzer - Class used to launch S-function analyzer and get analysis results.

  • Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.BuildInfo - Class used to create an object to specify the build information for an S-function.

  • Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.Options - Class used to specify the running options for S-function Analyzer.

  • Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.findSfunctions - Static method to return all feasible S-functions in a model or library for S-function analyzer.

See the help for more detailed information about the above APIs.

Specify the Input Model or Library (required)

The S-Function analyzer requires a model or a library in MATLAB path as input, which contains the S-function blocks to be analyzed.

model = 'slexSfunctionCheckExample';

Specify the Build Information for S-functions (optional)

S-Function analyzer checks the source code of S-functions when they are available. Heuristics are applied to automatically locate the source code based on S-function names. For example, if S-function source code and the input model are in the same folder, the source code will be included in the analysis automatically. Otherwise, the build information has to be specified through Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.BuildInfo. If no source code is available, this section can be skipped.

To specify the build information, first determine the eligible S-functions in the input model, then create a Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.BuildInfo object for each S-function. For S-function slexBadSFcn, there are two associated source files: slexBadSFcn.c and slexBadSFcn_wrapper.c

sfunctions= Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.findSfunctions(model);
bdInfo= Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.BuildInfo(fullfile(matlabroot,'examples','simulink_features','data','slexBadSFcn.c'),...

Specify the Running Options for S-function Analyzer (optional)

The execution options for S-function analyzer can be configured through Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.Options object, such as whether to enable Polyspace checks and Parameter Robustness checks, model simulation timeout, and output path for result report. If no specific options are needed, this section can be skipped. All default options will be applied.

opts = Simulink.sfunction.analyzer.Options();
opts.EnableRobustness = 1;

Run the S-function Analyzer and See the Result (required)

sfunAnalyzer = Simulink.sfunction.Analyzer(model,'BuildInfo',{bdInfo},'Options',opts);;