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Commit Modified Files to Source Control

Before you commit modified files, review changes and consider precommit actions. See Compare Revisions and Run Project Checks.

  1. In a project, select the Modified (number of files) view.

    If you need to update the modified files list, click Refresh in the source control section of the Project tab.

  2. To check in all files in the modified files list, on the Project tab, in the Source Control section, click Commit.

    If you are using SVN source control, this commits changes to your repository.

    If you are using Git™ source control, this commits to your local repository. To commit to the remote repository, see Pull and Push.

  3. Enter comments in the dialog box if you want, and click Submit.

  4. A message appears if you cannot commit because the repository has moved ahead. Before you can commit the file, you must update its revision up to the current HEAD revision. If you are using SVN source control, click Update. If you are using Git source control, click Pull. Resolve any conflicts before you commit.


You can commit individual files using the context menu, by selecting Source Control > Commit. However if you commit individual files, you risk not committing the related project definition files that keep track of your files. Instead, use the Modified files view to see all changes, and on the Project tab, click Commit to commit all related changes.

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