Save, Open, and Compare Dependency Graphs

You can save the results of the dependency analysis of your project or model as a .graphml file. In Simulink®, you can view the saved results later, without having to repeat the analysis. You can also save results separately in named files, reload them, or compare them.

  • To save your dependency analysis results as a .graphml file, in the Dependency Analyzer toolstrip, select Export > Export to File and choose a file name and location.

  • To open saved dependency analysis results, use the depview function then restore the view to default.

    1. depview("myDepResults.graphml");

    2. In the Dependency Analyzer toolstrip, in the Views section, click Restore to Default.

  • To compare two previously saved graphs, in the Current Folder, right-click the .graphml files and select Compare Selected Files/Folders.

Export Dependency Results

To export all the files displayed in the dependency graph, click the graph background to clear the selection on all files. Then, in the Dependency Analyzer toolstrip, click Export. Select from the available options:

  • Export to Workspace — Save the selected file paths to a variable.

  • Show in Project Files View — Switch to the project Files view with the files selected.

  • Send to Custom Task — Open the Custom Task dialog box with the files selected.

To export a subset of files in the graph, select the files then click Export.

  • Use the Legend check boxes, the filtered Views or the Impact Analysis tools to simplify the graph.

  • To select multiple files, click the files while holding the Shift key.

  • To select all files in the filtered graph, press Ctrl+A.


When you use Export to File, the Dependency Analyzer saves the whole dependency graph as a .graphml file. It does not save the filtered view or selected files.

Alternatively, you can work with the graph information programmatically. See Automate Simulink Project Tasks Using Scripts.

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