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Start a Simulation

To start the simulation, click the Start/Continue button on the debugger toolbar.

The simulation starts and stops at the first simulation method that is to be executed. It displays the name of the method in its Simulation Loop pane. At this point, you can

  • Set breakpoints.

  • Run the simulation step by step.

  • Continue the simulation to the next breakpoint or end.

  • Examine data.

  • Perform other debugging tasks.

The debugger displays the name of the method in the Simulation Loop pane, as shown in the following figure:

The following sections explain how to use the debugger controls to perform these debugging tasks.


When you start the debugger in GUI mode, the debugger command-line interface is also active in the MATLAB® Command Window. However, to prevent synchronization errors between the graphical and command-line interfaces, you should avoid using the command-line interface.

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