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Create Help for Custom Model Advisor Checks

You can define help files for your custom Model Advisor checks to make the checks easier to use. Custom help files allow you to verify the check capabilities and avoid potential warnings in the model.

You can define custom help for:

  • Custom checks - To Add help for custom Model Advisor checks, use ModelAdvisor.Check.setHelp. For more information, see setHelp.

  • Folders that have custom checks - To add help for folders that contain custom Model Advisor checks, use ModelAdvisor.Group.setHelp. For more information, see setHelp.

To point the custom check help to a PDF or an HTML page of your choice:

  1. Open the sl_customization.m file.

  2. Use setHelp() on the check or group object created in the sl_customization.m file.


    The supported name-value arguments are:

    Format - "webpage" , "pdf"

    Path - Path of the user-defined help page or document


    checkObj = ModelAdvisor.Check('SimplePassFailCheck');

  3. Close the sl_customization.m file.

  4. Refresh the customizations by entering:


To view the custom help, right-click the custom checks or the folder and click What's This?.

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