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Using Three-Way Merge Tool for Requirement and Link set Files

You can use the Comparison tool to perform a three-way merge operation in requirements set and link set files. Conflicts in requirements set files can occur when multiple team members work simultaneously on the same file and when it is not possible to keep all the changes in the merged requirement or link set file. A user must decide on which change to keep by resolving the conflict in the file. For example, a conflict occurs when two users change the value of a parameter in two different Git™ branches. Another example is when one user modifies a requirement set by deleting a requirement and another user on a different Git branch modifies the same requirement. A conflict occurs in the requirement or link set files and the user must make a manual change to fix the merge.

Using version control systems, such as Git, helps you manage changes and resolve conflicts. This topic breaks down the steps you must complete to resolve conflicts in a typical collaborative workflow into the following three tasks:


  • Git is the only supported source control tool.

  • When you click Move up or Move down for a requirement under its parent requirement, the change in order or sequence may not reflect in the merged requirement set.

  • You cannot merge requirement set files that contain images.

  • The Comparison tool does not compare requirement or link attributes that you define or add via stereotypes and profiles.

  • You cannot merge the Combobox attribute registries.

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