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PMSM with Thermal Model

This example shows a nonlinear model of a PMSM with thermal dependency. The PMSM behavior is defined by tabulated nonlinear flux linkage data. Motor losses are turned into heat in the stator winding and rotor thermal ports.


Thermal Model Subsystem

Simulation Results from Simscape Logging

The plot below shows motor speed and winding currents as the control system attempts to track a reference signal. A load torque is applied to the shaft, and the effect on the system is shown in the winding currents.

The plot below shows motor speed, torque, and temperature of motor components. The thermal model of the motor models heat transfer between the three windings and the rotor.

Results from Real-Time Simulation

This example has been tested on a Speedgoat Performance real-time target machine with an Intel® 3.5 GHz i7 multi-core CPU. This model can run in real time with a step size of 50 microseconds.