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Using External Mode over FTDI with Pixhawk 1

In UAV Toolbox Support Package for PX4® Autopilots, serial communication is supported over the native-USB port and non-usb ports (for example, /dev/ttyS6) on the Pixhawk Series boards. To achieve serial communication over non-USB serial port, a serial-to-USB FTDI converter is required.

The below image shows the connection between Serial 4 (/dev/ttyS6) on Pixhawk 1 board and the USB port on host computer, by using an FTDI converter.

The below table lists the serial pins on the Pixhawk 1 board and their FTDI mapping. The pins listed here are from left to right.

Pin and FTDI Mapping for Pixhawk 1

Serial port on Pixhawk 1FTDI
1+5VNot connected
2Serial 4 TxFTDI Rx
3Serial 4 RxFTDI Tx
4Serial 5 TxNot connected
5Serial 5 RxNot connected

Once the above hardware connections are completed, open the Configuration Parameters dialog box in Simulink, and set the serial port to dev/ttyS6 (go to Hardware Implementation pane > Target Hardware Resources > External Mode, and enter dev/ttyS6 in the Hardware board serial Port field). Now you can run the model in External mode over FTDI with Pixhawk 1 board. A sample screen is shown below.

Configuration Parameters