Numerical integration (the Float attribute of Int )

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numeric::int(f(x), x = a .. b, options)
float(holdint(f(x), x = a .. b, options))
float(freezeint(f(x), x = a .. b, options))


numeric::int(f(x), x = a..b) computes a numerical approximation of .

The calls numeric::int(...), float ( freeze(int)(...)), and float ( hold(int)(...)) are equivalent.

The calls numeric::int(...) and numeric::quadrature(...) are almost equivalent: numeric::int calls numeric::quadrature. A numerical result produced by numeric::quadrature is returned as is. Otherwise, hold(numeric::int)(...) is returned.

See the help page of numeric::quadrature for details.

Environment Interactions

The function is sensitive to the environment variable DIGITS, which determines the numerical working precision.


Example 1

We demonstrate some equivalent calls for numerical integration:

numeric::int(exp(x^2), x = -1..1),
float(hold(int)(exp(x^2), x = -1..1)),
float(freeze(int)(exp(x^2), x = -1..1)),
numeric::quadrature(exp(x^2), x = -1..1)

numeric::int(max(1/10, cos(PI*x)), x = -2..0.0123),
float(hold(int)(max(1/10, cos(PI*x)), x = -2..0.0123)),
float(freeze(int)(max(1/10, cos(PI*x)), x = -2..0.0123)),
numeric::quadrature(max(1/10, cos(PI*x)), x = -2..0.0123)

numeric::int(exp(-x^2), x = -2..infinity),
float(hold(int)(exp(-x^2), x = -2..infinity)),
float(freeze(int)(exp(-x^2), x = -2..infinity)),
numeric::quadrature(exp(-x^2), x = -2..infinity)

numeric::int(sin(x)/x, x = -1..10, GaussLegendre = 5),
float(hold(int)(sin(x)/x, x = -1..10, GaussLegendre = 5)),
float(freeze(int)(sin(x)/x, x = -1..10, GaussLegendre = 5)),
numeric::quadrature(sin(x)/x, x = -1..10, GaussLegendre = 5)

The calls numeric::int(...), float(hold(int)(...)), and numeric::quadrature(...) are equivalent in multiple numerical integrations, too:

numeric::int(numeric::int(x*y, x = 0..y), y = 0..1),
numeric::int(numeric::quadrature(x*y, x = 0..y), y = 0..1),
float(freeze(int)(numeric::int(x*y, x = 0..y), y = 0..1)),
float(hold(int)(numeric::quadrature(x*y, x = 0..y), y = 0..1)),
numeric::quadrature(numeric::int(x*y, x = 0..y), y = 0..1),
numeric::quadrature(numeric::quadrature(x*y, x = 0..y), y = 0..1)

Example 2

The following integral do not exist. Consequently, numerical integration runs into problems:

numeric::quadrature(1/x, x = 0..infinity)
Warning: Precision goal not achieved after 10000 function calls. Increase 'MaxCalls' and try again for a more accurate result. [numeric::quadrature]

Note that numeric::int handles errors produced by numeric::quadrature and returns a symbolic call to numeric::int:

numeric::int(1/x, x = 0..infinity)


All options of numeric::quadrature can be used.

Return Values

Floating point number or a symbolic call numeric::int(f(x), x = a..b) if the integral cannot be evaluated numerically.

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