Sorting monomials with respect to a term ordering

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polylib::sortMonomials(f, vars)
polylib::sortMonomials(f, ord)
polylib::sortMonomials(f, vars, ord)


polylib::sortMonomials(f, ord) returns a list of all monomials constituting the polynomial f, sorted in descending order with respect to ord.

A monomial ordering may be: one of the identifiers LexOrder, DegreeOrder, DegInvLexOrder; or an object of type Dom::MonomOrdering or convertible to that type; or any object returning a number when called as ord(m1,m2) for two degree vectors m1 and m2. A degree vector is a list of integers, as returned by degreevec.

If no order is given, the lexikographical order is used.

If no list of variables is given, all indeterminates of f are used.

Given two degree vectors, m1 is considered to be greater than m2 if and only if ord(m1,m2) is positive.


Example 1

The monomials of the polynomial below are compared using a monomial ordering from Dom::MonomOrdering .

polylib::sortMonomials(poly(x^2+x*y^3+2, [x,y]), DegRevLex(2))



Polynomial or polynomial expression


Nonempty list of identifiers


Monomial ordering

Return Values

List of polynomials or expressions of the same type as f.

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