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testtype(obj, Type::Property)


With Type::Property, properties can be identified.

The call testtype(obj, Type::Property) checks, whether the MuPAD® object obj is a property and returns TRUE, if it holds, otherwise FALSE.

Some elements of the library Type serve two functions. One is to perform syntactical tests to identify the type of an object (with testtype), the other is to occur as a property within assume and is.


Type::Property itself is not a property.

To determine whether an element of Type is a property, Type::Property can be used with testtype.

This type does not represent a property.


Example 1

Is Type::PosInt a property?

testtype(Type::PosInt, Type::Property)

Also an interval created with Type::Interval is a property:

testtype(Type::Interval(0, 1), Type::Property)

Is Type::Constant a property?

testtype(Type::Constant, Type::Property)

Type::Constant is not a property and cannot be used as argument of assume:

assume(x, Type::Constant)
Error: Second argument must be a property. [assume]

The next example shows the usage of testtype to select properties among operands of Type:

T := Type::Numeric, Type::PosInt, Type::Unknown, Type::Zero:
select(T, testtype, Type::Property)

delete x, T:



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