Analyze Architecture Models

Perform analyses to verify system design requirements

Set properties to capture nonfunctional specifications for model elements. Use MATLAB® analytics with System Composer™ API to write scripts to generate data that can be used for trade studies or for verifying nonfunctional requirements.


deleteInstanceDelete an architecture instance
getValueGet value of a property from an element instance
instantiateCreate an analysis instance from a specification
isArchitectureFind if an instance is a architecture instance
isComponentFind if an instance is a component instance
isConnectorFind if an instance is a connector instance
isPortFind if an instance is a port instance
iterateIterate over model elements
loadInstanceLoad an architecture instance
saveInstanceSave an architecture instance
setValueSet the value of a property for an element instance
updateInstanceUpdate an architecture instance


Analyze Architecture

Write analyses based on element properties to perform data-driven trade studies and verify system requirements.

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