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Get object for signal interface element



element = getElement(interface,elementName) gets the object for an element in a signal interface.


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Add an interface newsignal to the interface dictionary of the model, and add an element newelement with type double. Then get the object for the element.

arch = systemcomposer.createModel('newmodel',0);
interface = addInterface(arch.InterfaceDictionary,'newsignal');
element = getElement(interface,'newelement')
element = 
  SignalElement with properties:

      Interface: [1×1 systemcomposer.interface.SignalInterface]
           Name: 'newelement'
           Type: 'double'
     Dimensions: '1'
          Units: ''
     Complexity: 'real'
        Minimum: '[]'
        Maximum: '[]'
    Description: ''
           UUID: 'f42c8166-e4ad-4488-926a-293050016e1a'
    ExternalUID: ''

Input Arguments

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Interface object containing elements to be identified, specified as a systemcomposer.interface.SignalInterface object.

Name of element to be identified, specified as a character vector.

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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New signal element object in an interface, returned as a systemcomposer.interface.SignalElement object.

Introduced in R2019a