Inline reference architecture into model


componentHandle = inlineComponent(component,inlineFlag) inlines the contents of the architecture model referenced by the specified component and breaks the link to the reference model. If inlineFlag is false, then the contents are removed and only interfaces remain.


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Save the component robotcomp in the architecture model Robot.slx and reference it from another component, robotArm so that robotArm uses the architecture of robotcomp. Inline robotcomp so that its architecture can be edited independently.

linkToModel(robotArm, 'Robot');

Input Arguments

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The component must be linked to an architecture model.

Data Types: systemcomposer.arch.Component

If true, contents of the referenced architecture model are copied to the component architecture. If false, the contents are not copied, only ports and interfaces are inlined.

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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Introduced in R2019a