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Set complexity for signal interface element



    setComplexity(interfaceElem,complexity) sets the complexity for the designated signal interface element.


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    Create a model named 'archModel', add an interface, create an interface element with a name 'x', and set the complexity for the interface element 'complex'.

    modelName = 'archModel';
    arch = systemcomposer.createModel(modelName); % Create model
    interface = arch.InterfaceDictionary.addInterface('interface'); % Add interface
    elem = interface.addElement('x'); % Create interface element
    setComplexity(elem,'complex'); % Set complexity for interface element

    Input Arguments

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    Interface element, specified as a systemcomposer.interface.SignalElement object.

    Complexity of interface element, specified as a character vector with values 'real' or 'complex'.

    Data Types: char

    Introduced in R2019a