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Prerequisites for Logging Signals

Before logging signals:

  1. Connect the target hardware to a computer.

  2. Create or open a Simulink® model. To log signals, the model must have at least one of these blocks.

    Block NameBlock Icon
    To Workspace (Simulink) block

    Scope (Simulink) block

    Outport (Simulink) block

    With UAV Toolbox Support Package for PX4® Autopilots, it is recommended that you use the To Workspace (Simulink) block for logging signals even though the other two blocks are also supported.

  3. Save the changes to the Simulink model.


    Ensure that the file name of the Simulink model does not exceed 22 characters. The filename of the generated MAT file on the SD card consists of this Simulink model's file name and it is also suffixed with the iteration number and run number. The Nuttx (NSH) RTOS, based on which the Pixhawk Firmware is run, has a default file name limit of 32 characters. Therefore, if the filename of the generated MAT-file (modelname_iterationnumber_runnumber) exceeds 32 characters, the MAT-file will not be generated.