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Read all data in label datastore


data = readall(ds) returns all the data contained in the label datastore specified by ds.

If all the data in the datastore does not fit in memory, then readall returns an error.

Input Arguments

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Datastore with labeled data for training a semantic segmentation network or an object detection network, specified as a pixelLabelDatastore or boxLabelDatastore object.

Output Arguments

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Output data, returned as an M-by-2 cell array, cell array of categorical matrices, or a table.

DatastoreOutput Description
PixelLabelDatastoreTable with MiniBatchSize number of rows. For the last batch of data in the datastore, numObservations must be divisible by MiniBatchSize or read returns a partial batch containing all the remaining observations in the datastore.

N-by-2 cell matrix. N must be less than or equal to ReadSize(ds). The first column must be a cell vector that contains bounding boxes. Each element in the cell vector contains M-by-4 matrices in the format [x,y,width,height].

The second column must be a cell vector that contains the label names corresponding to each bounding box. Label names are represented as an M-by-1 categorical vector.

Version History

Introduced in R2017b

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