Register Point Clouds

Transform and register 3-D point clouds

You can use pcregistercpd, pcregistericp, and pcregisterndt to register a moving point cloud to a fixed point cloud. These registration algorithms are based on the Coherent Point Drift (CPD) algorithm, the Iterative Closest Point (ICP) algorithm and the Normal-Distributions Transform (NDT) algorithm, respectively. Best performance requires adjusting properties for your data. Before using the point cloud registration functions, consider using pcdownsample to downsample your point clouds, which improves the accuracy and efficiency of registration.


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pcdownsampleDownsample a 3-D point cloud
pctransformTransform 3-D point cloud
pcregistercpdRegister two point clouds using CPD algorithm
pcregistericpRegister two point clouds using ICP algorithm
pcregisterndtRegister two point clouds using NDT algorithm
pcmergeMerge two 3-D point clouds
pointCloudObject for storing 3-D point cloud