Digital read pull up in simulink stm32 nucleo board

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as sc
as sc on 19 Aug 2021
I have a STM32 nucleo board which has a button connected to 5V, GND and D15 (PD_8 --> pin 15) GPIO configured.
When the button is pressed, I want the on board green LED (PD_5 --> pin 13) to light up. When the button is not pressed the LED should be off.
I know the cabling is right since I managed to implement this in STM32CUBEIDE with written code. However, I am having problems with the implementation in simulink. When I press the button, the LED lights up. When I release the button, the LED stays on. In my CUBEIDE code I configured GPIO_PIN_8 as pull up resistor which solves this problem. How do I include pull up resistors in simulink?
I checked Configuration Parameters: simulink_model/Configuration --> Hardware Implementation --> Target hardware resources but there is no GPIO option.

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