Selecting a row of numbers clockwise around a matrix of values

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Hi people,
I have an excel file as a matrix of random values (10 rows by 16 columns). I would like to select the value of outer cells, countiniously in clockwise direction (as illustrated in photo starting with cell #1 and ending with cell #17) and paste it as a row of 48 values into a new excel file. My ultimate goal is reading mutiple files in a folder ,and paste the same string row by row in a single excel file.
I appreciate your help and answers for learning and understanding it.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 20 Oct 2021
mTop = m(1, :);
mLeft = m(2:end, end);
mBottom = fliplr(m(end, 1:end-1));
mRight = flipud(m(2:end-1, 1));
outerValues = [mTop(:); mLeft(:); mBottom(:); mRight(:)]

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