How to create a plot with highlight (holes) based on Y value and colored density map based on X value

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Hi Team,
can you please teach me how to plot the following
I start with 2 sin function addition.
>> t = [0:0.0001:0.4*pi];
y=cos(100*t) + cos(110*t);
plot (y)
Then can you please help me with
  1. highlight the data points with bubble whose Y value is less than 0.5 but great than -0.5 (as in the pic below)
  2. include a density heat map along the X axis with the relative density of the highlighted data points. (red means the highlighted data is very concentrated and blue means the highlighted data is very scarce)
The plot attached is more or less capture the requirement 1.
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Voss on 30 Nov 2021
To do #1, add the following lines of code after your plot(y) line:
hold on
idx = y>-0.5 & y<0.5;
Voss on 2 Dec 2021
Great, glad it's working! Do you mind marking my answer as Accepted so that the question doesn't show up when other users browse unanswered questions (and also so I get credit for an accepted answer, of course)? Thanks!

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