detecting strawberries that might deteriorate soon through image analysis

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Jipsy Sudharsanan Vinu Padman
Answered: John D'Errico on 21 Dec 2021
Each strawberry is photographed for two days and identify the strawberries that might undergo deterioration soon from the good ones using the images taken. Is it possible through reading the pixel values ?

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 21 Dec 2021
This is simply not a question about MATLAB at all, but image processing and modeling. Until you have an idea what the algorithm is you will be using, it is impossible to write any code. And that makes it not a problem about MATLAB (yet). And it is probably your student project. So I won't write a line of code.
How would I do it though?
First, generate histograms of the pixels of all of your strawberries. These will be 3-d histograms of course, since they are in terms of RGB.
Next, Wait. That is, check the amount of time needed before each strawberry has undergone deterioration. So this will require you to cool your heels until they have all wilted into mush. Record that time, making sure you associate the time with the corresponding strawberry.
Finally, using this data, that is, your 3-d histograms for each strawberry, plus the time needed for them to deteriorate, build a neural network, that will predict the time to deterioration, as a function of the histogram input.

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