App Designer: Update Text Area Value with parameter change

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In MATLAB App Designer, I want to change/update the value in the text area object with some parameter change? Could you explain how can I achieve this task?

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 14 Mar 2022
See this page, particularly the code at the very top.
Now just figure out what action you want to trigger the change, and add the code to that callback function.
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Sena Koçak
Sena Koçak on 15 Mar 2022
Thanks for the answer Cris. Actually, my case is kinda tricky. After pushing a button, my optimization code starts to work. In a text area, I want to show the iteration nymber. As I say, the iteration number is change while the code is still running. However, I cannot manipulate the text area dynamically while the code executes.

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xiaokai an
xiaokai an on 11 Jun 2022
My answer may help you.
Pass 'app' as a parameter into the m file containing the logic program, and then use it in the m file
app. TextArea. Value = num2str(666666);
Such code rewrites the value of text.
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xiaokai an
xiaokai an on 11 Jun 2022
When the program runs too fast, it may not display normally. You need to add the following pause code near the rewritten code

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