Input mesh does not form a closed volume error; checked that mesh is watertight

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Taiyi Wang
Taiyi Wang on 10 May 2022
Commented: Taiyi Wang on 12 May 2022
I encountered the following error message while using geometryFromMesh
"Error using checkMeshWatertight; Input mesh does not form a closed volume. Likely, there are missing faces or gaps in the input."
Below is the code, example input parameters are attached:
% gengerate mesh
tnodes = [P(:, 1)'; P(:, 2)'; P(:, 3)'];
telements = T';
model = createpde;
geometryFromMesh(model,tnodes,telements); % this line is where error is produced
mesh = generateMesh(model,'Hmin', 300 , 'Hmax', 310 ,'GeometricOrder','linear');
Background: my goal is to make a 3D surface triangular mesh automatically from spherical harmonics. The reason I'm using geometryFromMesh is that, I would 1. sample the spherical harmonics analytical expression using a regular grid in spherical coordinates; 2. use surf2patch to roughly convert this into a triangular mesh; 3. use my own algorithm to mend any holes on the mesh 4. convert this mesh to geometry object, and create a more uniform-sized mesh using "generateMesh". It is a convoluted process, but one seemed necessary given that I want the meshing process to be done in Matlab for any spherical harmonics.
For the attached example, I have checked that the mesh is watertight using Find-holes-in-triangular-mesh, but did not find any hole. If you could point me to what produced the error, or suggest more elegant workflow than what I described above, I would really appreciate it.

Answers (1)

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 10 May 2022
I wouldn't say I can suggest a more elegant workflow, but here is one that I have found to work in the past. It involves using stlwrite to export the mesh, and then importgeometry to create the geometry.
% gengerate mesh
TR = triangulation(T,P);
% create geometry
model = createpde;
gm = importGeometry(model,'Geom.stl')
gm =
DiscreteGeometry with properties: NumCells: 1 NumFaces: 52 NumEdges: 101 NumVertices: 51 Vertices: [51×3 double]
Taiyi Wang
Taiyi Wang on 12 May 2022
As a follow up - it seems that the main feature that results in non-uniform meshing are the vertices in the discrete geometry "gm". I there a way to edit the discrete geometry object to remove those vertices?

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