Hi there, I want to show only one x axis value (on 0 value) bold character in my x-axis. I already draw a vertical line on zero value by xline(0) command. Thanks in advance!

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Here is part of the code. Only want to make only "0" value to show in bold character on x-axis (leaving the other values normal). Somehow couldn't find a solution.
hold on
xlabel("Crank angle (°)");
ylabel("Pressure (bar)");
title("Single vs. Split Injection (1200 bar)");
xlim([-40 40]);
hold off

Accepted Answer

dpb on 13 May 2022
Edited: dpb on 13 May 2022
You'll have to write the tick labels manually; can't change the characteristics of individual tick labels as they're just text strings interpreted by the active TickLabelInterpreter (TeX by default)
xtl=xticklabels; % retrieve present tick labels
xtl{1}=strcat('\bf',xtl{1}); % prepend the boldfont TeX control sequence on first label
xticklables(xtl) % write 'em back...

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