Automatic numbering and cross-referencing of sections in Live Script

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Matt J
Matt J on 19 May 2022
Answered: Steven Lord on 19 May 2022
I am investigating the possibility of having automatic section numbering and cross-references in Live Script. Here is an example of attempted code:
When I run and then hide this code in the Live Editor, it looks sort of like what I want:
however, the section headings are oddly indented, and also in a smaller font than a heading should have. Also, the section citation is not inlined with the rest of the text in Section 2.2. Can anyone think of a way these things could be remedied?

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 19 May 2022
Cross references: the Hyperlink entry in the first table on this documentation page indicates you can link to another location in the same Live Script.
I don't think it is possible to have automatically numbered sections in a Live Script. That does sound like a reasonable enhancement request for Live Scripts.

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