Missing values in cell array/ cellfun deltes space in Strings

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Hi everyone,
I am facing a problem with the cellfun function.
So first of all what i am doing.
I read in a excel file with the readcell function.
Thisis then a cell array mixed with strings and numbers. But also with some empty lines which leads to lines with 1x1 missing inside.
So i did the fix suggested from here and added this line under my read in:
param_table = cellfun(@rmmissing, param_table, 'UniformOutput', false);
But unfortunatly this code is deleting my spaces in the Strings: For example it changes Cell{2,2} from 'Simple text' to 'Simpletext'

Answers (1)

Hiro on 24 May 2022
You could read your excel by using app.
Go to MATLAB >> Home >> Import Data >> Import as table.
If you want to have more control of this import, you can generate the corresponding MATLAB code automatically from the App.

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