Dimensions of arrays being concatenated are not consistent.

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%% Connection
a = arduino('COM4', 'uno');
T = 100; % number of samples to view on plot
nCount = 1;
voltageS1 = zeros(T,1);
voltageS2 = zeros(T,1);
avrgVolt = zeros(T,1);
avrgVolt1 = zeros(T,1);
while 1
for i= 1:1:100
if nCount == T
voltageS1 = voltageS1(2:end, :);
voltageS2 = voltageS2(2:end, :);
avrgVolt = avrgVolt(2:end, :);
avrgVolt1=avrgVolt1(2:end, :);
nCount = nCount + 1;
voltageS1(nCount,:) = readVoltage(a, 'A0'); % Sensor 1 connected to input A0 .
voltageS2(nCount,:) = readVoltage(a, 'A1'); % Sensor 2 connected to input A1 .
avrgVolt1(nCount,:) = ((voltageS1(nCount,:)/5)-(voltageS2(nCount,:)/5));
avrgVolt(nCount,:) = ((voltageS1(nCount,:))-(voltageS2(nCount,:)));
input=[input ,avrgVolt ]
dataPlot = [voltageS1, voltageS2, avrgVolt];
title(sprintf('A0 = %fV A1 = %fV Avg = %f avrgVolt1= %f', (voltageS1(nCount)), (voltageS2(nCount)) , avrgVolt(nCount,:), avrgVolt1(nCount,:)))
grid on;
axis([0 T -5 5])
xlabel('Samples') % x-axis label
ylabel('Voltage') % y-axis label
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Jan on 3 Jul 2022
Please use the tools for code formatting and post a copy of the complete error message. Then the readers do not have to guess, in which line the error occurs.
input=[input ,avrgVolt ] % Here
dataPlot = [voltageS1, voltageS2, avrgVolt]; % or here?

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Answers (1)

Jan on 3 Jul 2022
The message means, that you cannot concatente arrays horizontally, if they have a different number of rows. Or vertically, if the number of columns differ.
Use the debugger to find the problem. Type in the command window:
dbstop if error
Now run your code again. If Matlab stops at the error, check the dimensions of the arrays to be concatented.

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