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How can a single phase alpha-beta to d-q transformation be carried out with Simulink?

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Nathan Evans
Nathan Evans on 2 Jun 2015
Commented: Saif Zahran on 3 Mar 2019
I am trying to carry out a single phase d-q transformation. I have two sinusoids, one of which has a pi/2 phase with respect to the other, and so I want to transform them both. So far I have tried adapting the three-phase SimpowerSystems Simulink block (which contains the transformation matrix) and also by cross_multiplying the orthoganol signals. After this, in both models I have implemented a discrete low-pass filter. Both methods do not seem to work...any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Saif Zahran
Saif Zahran on 3 Mar 2019
Could you please help me how you did this one,
I am facing same issue. I have alpha and i want to shifted by 90 degree to get Beta.
I am looking for your support

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Mohanasundaram Ravi
Mohanasundaram Ravi on 2 Aug 2016
Dear Nathan Evans First convert those two input sine waves in to cosine waves by doing 90 degree phase shift. Then add zero along with your input sine wave and output converted cosine wave. So it will become alpha beta zero sequence. By using alpha_beta to dq0 block from the simpower system simulink library you can able to acheive single phase to dq


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