how to plot no of events ?

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pruth on 9 Nov 2015
Commented: pruth on 9 Nov 2015
i have a mat file(28762*2), in which first column is for date-time with some time interval for duration of 2012 to 1015. and another column is my data where some values are NAN values. here i want a simple bar plot; month vs no. of events.
here m attaching a sample plot. i want the same plot with my data....hope u understand
pruth on 9 Nov 2015
no ..we dont want NAN . it should be excluded from counting

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Nov 2015
ExcludeIt = isnan(YourData(:,2));
OkayDates = YourData(~ExcludeIt,1);
Okay_vec = datevec(OkayDates);
minyear = min(Okay_vec(:,1));
idx = (Okay_vec(:,1)-minyear) * 12 + Okay_vec(:,2); %year and month
counts = accumarray(idx(:), 1);
numentry = size(counts,1);
bar_dates = datenum([minyear * ones(numentry,1), (1:numentry).', ones(numentry,1)]);
bar(bar_dates, counts)
datetick('x', 'mmm YYYY')
pruth on 9 Nov 2015
ooh ok sorry .... well thank you so much....

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